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Single, multiple and unlimited job advertisements. Use powerful candidate filtering technology.

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Send professional, highly targeted emails to over 713,694+ top quality professionals.

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Set alerts and be contacted the moment suitable candidates modify or upload their details.

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Display ads to relevant, pre-qualified candidates on our job search pages.

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Talentstream Recruit is more than an ATS. It's a pre-hire recruitment platform with one login, one search – leaving you in charge of just one thing: choosing suitable candidates.

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Receive highly relevant traffic to your website.

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Run an RSS feed of your jobs on your site with the option of an intelligent powered search.

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A realtime view of currently active candidates.

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Let us setup, maintain and promote your social media presence.

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Engage with a captive audience of relevant candidates in real time.

Testimonials from our happy clients

In the short time we have been using Oil&Gas jobsearch it has already impressed with its usability and customer-oriented service. We can describe it as the main recruitment tool in our work.
Yerkin Kayupov
Recruiting Advisor
PRC Career Holdings
Yerkin Kayupov
On behalf of our consultants, I would just like to say thank you to Oil and Gas Jobsearch for the continuous high standard of candidates, helping us to fill more niche and difficult to fill positions. The site is fantastic due to its ease of use, simple interface and breadth of candidates available on the site.
Vikki Matson
Administration Manager
TRS Staffing Solutions
Vikki Matson
We are well looked after by our account manager who keeps in regular contact and consistently suggests various ways for us utilise the many aspects of the site to ensure we are getting the best ROI. I would highly recommend OGJS.
Kieran McCullough
Recruitment Director
KMC International Resources
Kieran McCullough
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